A Comprehensive Guide To Help You Buy Table Fans Online

A table fan is an effective cooling solution that is mostly used by those looking as a personalized cooling device. For instance, homemakers use it in the kitchen whereas students and office people use it on their study/office table. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Table fans offer great savings when used in tandem with air conditioners. If you don’t have a table fan at your home and are planning to buy one, here’s a comprehensive guide that talks about the advantages of owning a table fan and the factors one should consider when buying a table fan online. Let’s take a look. 

Advantages of Table Fans

1. They are easily portable. 

Unlike, ceiling fans that are fixed to the ceiling, table fans have this unique advantage ofease of portability. Table fans being small and lightweight can easily be moved them from one room to another. It means the same fan to be used by more than one person in the family, provided they don’t want to use it at the same time.  

2. They occupy very little space.

As mentioned earlier, table fans are small and compact. They are perfect for rooms with space constraints or low-hanging ceilings where ceiling fans cannot be installed. And in case you have those traditional bulky table fans in mind, you must check out Luminous India’s table fans that are quite compact in size.

3. They are a great option for personalized cooling.

Whether you are a homemaker who has to spend hours in the kitchen, or you are a student who can concentrate better when a fan throws air right in their face, a table fan is a great personalized cooling solution. 

4. They can boost the AC’s cooling

Table fans can be used to boost the AC’s cooling by placing them near the AC and switching on their oscillation function. It allows uniform distribution of cool air to all parts of the room. The best part is that table fans help reduce energy bills by cooling the room faster which in turn leads to the compressor getting shut sooner. 

Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying a Table Fan

Now if you are convinced about the benefits of owning a table fan, let’s take a look at some of the factors you should keep in mind when buying one. 

  1. The speed of the table fan 

The speed of a fan is measured in RPM (revolutions per minute). It is one of the most important factors that impact the performance of a table fan. Reputable brands like Luminous India offer two types of table fan speeds - normal speed and high speed. We suggest that you buy a table fan that comes with multiple speed options. 

  1. The air delivery of the table fan. 

The main use of a table fan is to deliver quality air. The same is specified in terms of its air delivery. The unit of air delivery is CMM or cubic meters per minute. It tells the customer about the amount of air that a table fan delivers. 

Pro Tip - Air delivery depends on a lot of factors such as seep size, fan blade design, motor speed, and more. You can check these values in the specification section. 

  1. Amount of power the table fan consumes.

Make sure the table fan you buy is energy efficient. It will not only help you reduce your energy bills but will also let you save Planet Earth by helping you reduce your carbon footprint. The Speed Pro fan of Luminous India is one such fan you can consider purchasing. It only consumes 55 Watts of power and still offers a high air delivery. 

  1. Warranty

Wouldn’t you want your table fan to last a lifetime? Well, lifetime may seem like a bit of exaggeration but hope you understand what we are trying to say. We mean a table fan should be durable and must last a decent number of years. Make sure you buy from a reputable brand that offers a generous warranty on its table fans. 

Wrap Up

Considering the increasing number of table fan brands, choosing the best table brand can be a challenge. To make things easy, we recommend that you go with the leader, Luminous India. It is one of the oldest home electrical brands that has been delivering quality products and services for more than a few decades. And the best part about their product offerings is that despite being high in quality, they are all very reasonably priced.  

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