Advertising with 3D Digital Art: A Closer Look

3D digital art is without a doubt cool-looking. And that neat appeal is what could make 3D digital advertising the future of the digital marketing industry.

Digital marketing can succeed in many different forms. But 3D art is becoming the new craze. Moreover, 3D digital technology can be a great way to explore the features and benefits of a product in ways that can't be seen in other forms of advertising.

Are you interested in learning about the potential advantages of advertising with 3D digital art? Read on to learn more about it.

3D Advertising in Action

3D digital advertising has caused a craze due to its ability to really bring a campaign or product to life. This has been seen in some very impressive 3D out-of-home billboards.

One example was a billboard created from a collaboration between fashion house Balenciaga and the Fortnite video game franchise. The billboard featured the game's character Doggo wearing Balenciaga clothes while appearing to peer out the billboard's edges. A brilliant combination of real-time ray tracing and physically-based lighting made it really seem like the character was present in each location the billboard was placed.

Amazon and Netflix did similar campaigns with 3D billboards promoting The Wheel of Time and Army of the Dead respectively. Scotch-producer Glenfiddich had a particularly stunning billboard where a stag appeared to leap out of the billboard

3D advertisements like this almost transcend reality. They create a real and immersive experience that makes a product more appealing.

How to Use 3D Digital Art in Advertising

3D digital art can be implemented in several ways. The billboards alone are impressive, but they are the tip of the iceberg.

Several companies use 3D animations of their actual products to allow customers to look at a product from various angles while learning about its features and benefits. Shoe companies, computer manufacturers, and game-console retailers are particularly skilled in this technology. Realtors have also benefitted by creating 3D guided tours of homes and apartments they are selling.

This technology allows for a more immersive and engaging advertising experience that consumers have never had before. They are no longer bound by the limits of 2D viewing but can see different angles of products and truly know what they are getting.

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Digital Marketing Tips

3D digital art is looking to be the next big thing in digital advertising. This is an incredible way to engage with consumers. Advertisers must become familiar with it and incorporate it into their strategies.

Learn more about 3D art tools, and start putting them to good use today.

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