COVID-19 pandemic may have changed the educational scene forever. More and more students are opting for distant learning courses or for taking classes from home or self-learning courses. Such changes may create gaps in the studies. Fortunately, these gaps might easily be reminded by using NCERT books and Infinity Learn’s NCERT solutions for class 9 all subjects.

Ten advantages of using class 9 NCERT books

NCERT books are commendable study material that can help a student in a number of ways. The following are some of the ways it can help a student:

  • They guide students with various concepts. 

A major advantage of learning from NCERT books for class 9 is that they guide students with various concepts that may be a part of their curriculum. They provide a thorough understanding of concepts to students, which can help them to see the real-life applications of problems too.

  • They are comprehensive in covering the syllabus.

Another advantage of learning from NCERT books class 9 is that they are comprehensive and cover all the concepts and problems.

  • They provide good summaries for chapters.

Another major advantage of using NCERT books for class 9 is that they provide ready and good summaries of all the chapters in the curriculum.

  • They are a great tool that can be used for self-study.

In times of the COVID-19 caused pandemic, assisted learning is no longer a viable option for many. A crucial advantage of learning from NCERT books is that they are a great tool that can assist a student in studying by themselves.

  • They are a great tool for the last-minute preparation of exams.

Another critical benefit of using NCERT books for class 9 to study arises from their value as a tool that can be used for preparing a day before the exam or on the morning of the exam. With ready summaries and formulas provided at the end of each chapter, they can help students in the last-minute preparation of the exams.

  • They help a student prepare for the future, including class X exams.

Another valuable reason for using NCERT books solutions for class 9 is that they can help the student prepare for the future. This is because the concepts studied in class IX often become the base for Class X. Thus, students who can learn them better will be better trained for class X exams. They are also going to be better able to handle real-life problems as NCERT books for class 9 help them by providing a thorough understanding of the real-life application of various concepts as well.

  • They are a storehouse of important questions.

An important reason for studying NCERT books is that they are an important storehouse of important questions. In fact, all questions in the NCERT books tend to grow important exactly because they are from NCERT books.

  • Their guides and help books are easily available.

Another important advantage of studying from NCERT books is that the guide books and help books and other learning sources for these books are readily available. Infinity Learn, for example, provides commendable solutions in this regard.

  • They act as a base on which books of other school boards are built.

A crucial reason for using NCERT books is that they act as the base on which books of various boards and exams are built, whether it is CBSE, ICSE, or other central exams; or exam boards local to a state.

  • They are far better than alternatives.

Another important advantage of using NCERT books for class IX is that they are better than their alternatives. This is because they are written after a lot of research by India’s leading experts on the subject while keeping educational psychology in mind.

Wrapping up

One can thus conclude that when it comes to clearing exams for NCERT class 9, there are no better alternatives than NCERT books for class 9. They are a relatively inexpensive solution to a number of existing and potential problems that a student may face - and one will only ignore them at one’s own peril.

A NCERT class 9 book is, of course, not enough by itself. It is also important to get good study material that should go along with NCERT class 9 book while preparing for such important exams as the right material can help a student perform far better, and the wrong study material can do more harm than good. Infinity Learn’s NCERT solutions for class 9 are some of the best learning materials one can choose in the market. They are written by experts after a lot of due research and help meet the needs of students in spaces where NCERT books fail to do so. They are comprehensive and can help the student correct their own mistakes and correct any misconceptions they may have. These are only some of their several advantages.

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