E-notary — how to choose appropriate software

It is hard to imagine the life of citizens without notaries. At least everyone had to certify documents, signatures and use other services. In order to minimize the expenditure of efforts and time of the notary there are many software systems. Thanks to them a person can quickly prepare all the documents. By choosing the best option, it is possible to automate the work process and greatly simplify it. 

The main requirements for software 

Systems for the notary's work should have all the necessary functions so that it is possible to quickly notarize online documents. Often users of such systems perform many operations. And the software must help:

  • find any action promptly; 
  • keep record of notary activity; 
  • accurately count the number of actions, consumption of forms; 
  • form the nomenclature; 
  • prepare notary's file descriptions, reports for tax authorities, financial monitoring, etc.

Most of the programs available allow you to control the work of your assistants and the payment of your bills. With their help, it is possible to prepare all the necessary reports for tax or other controlling bodies without any difficulties. 

If a notary has more than 1000 registry numbers, such software will be just an indispensable helper. There will be no need to waste time on filling out books, calculations, and other activities. 

Since each notary must prepare statistical data twice a year, many cannot even manage this task for a day. With the right software, this information can be gathered in a few minutes. 

In addition, the archive remains an important issue for the notary. In some cases, specialists close their office for several days in order to enter all their actions into the inventory. And during this time, the notary may lose potential clients. With the help of software for the notary, this can be done in a day. And it won't take many people to help or close the office. 

If there are several assistants working in the office at once, the main notary will be able to control all processes in a remote mode. Also, you can notice significant budget and time savings. Since accounting services can be performed in a program. If all the calculations will be done by hired people, it will be much longer and you need to pay salaries. While using a programб, it does not require time and a large investment. 

The optimal solution for the software

PandaDoc is a system which will definitely become your indispensable assistant. You can use it to automate all documentation. This software opens a lot of possibilities to simplify notarial actions. It can combine the work of several users at once. The interface is intuitive. Even beginners will be able to understand how to use the program without any difficulties. In PandaDoc you can create all documentation from scratch. Also, you can find a huge selection of ready-made legal document templates. With the help of the service, notaries will be able to quickly find everything they need to work with clients and various institutions. 

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