How Much Does a Wildcard SSL Certificate Cost in 2022?

Website owners know how much an SSL certificate is valuable for their website. For a business to get more engagement rate, it is necessary to have a secure website, and a secure certificate is the best choice for protecting your website. There are different certifications available for website owners; some of them are organization validation, domain validation, multiple domain certificate, wildcard SSL certificate, etc.

A wildcard certificate is the best one to secure a domain and multiple sub-domains. Once you have decided to buy a wildcard SSL certificate, the second major issue is how to purchase it and how much it costs. This blog will help you to understand how you can purchase SSL certificate and how much a wildcard SSL certificate will cost in 2022.

Wildcard SSL certificate is a single secure certificate that is valid for a single domain and multiple subdomains. First, it looks expensive, but it is not much expensive in reality. It is perfect for those who want to secure domains and subdomains at a low price. Many companies offer the best rate; you just have to pick one wisely.

Wildcard SSL Certificate Cost in 2022

The cost of an SSL certificate is about 60$ per year, but this cost is not the same for all types of SSL certificates, and different companies offer different rates per certificate. It may vary from $5 per year to $1000 per year, depending on site and security needs.

Different wildcard certificates have different prices; some of them are discussed here.

1. Alpha Wildcard SSL Certificate

It is issued immediately to the client and provides SHA-2 support. It costs about $149 and comes with a worthy warranty.

2. GeoTrust Quick Premium Wildcard Certificate:

It comes with high-level security and comes at an affordable price. The worth of this certificate is about $1000 per year. It provides excellent support for ECC-based encryption.

3. Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard certificate:

It is an excellent one for eCommerce sites' security and provides great support for the hashing algorithm SHA-2. The worth of this certificate is about $69.78.

4. Rapid Wildcard Certificate:

This certificate is issued for the primary domain at a low cost. It comes at about $69.78 with a 90-day full money-back guarantee.

5. Sectigo Wildcard SSL Certificate:

This certificate is preferred all over the globe as it provides security to your domain and subdomains. It also protects the organization's network. It comes with a considerable warranty and is expensive; It costs about $226.58/yr.

6. Entrust Wildcard Certificate:

It allows the owner to enhance the validation of their business and reduce the system downtime also. It has a unique notification system.

The best and most affordable company to buy wildcard certificates is, which offers low rates. It provides certificates that secure multiple domains at a low price. The price of positiveSSL wildcard is about $42.88/year, while that of the premium SSL wildcard certificate is about $120.88/year.

There are different types of wildcard SSL certificates with additional costs. You can look at all of these types and choose the most suitable one.

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