Importance of a surveillance camera at the workplace

An office space should be a safe place for everyone, be it employees or employers. One can only do so much to maintain the level of security in their workplace. Along with 24*7 security team or security check, surveillance camera also plays an integral role in monitoring both inside and outside of the office. 

Here’s why we think you should consider installing surveillance camera at your workplace, big or small.

Why do you need surveillance cameras at your workplace?

A small local business like a Grocery store or a salon and a large-scale enterprise like a Fintech or IT company, all office places need security cameras for safety purposes.

Prevent employee harassment

With a security camera in place, any person who has ulterior motives to harass other employees will be scared to make a wrong move. A surveillance camera prevents a crime before it happens. Thus, ensuring safety of the workplace.

Decrease chances of theft

Local businesses and stores are often susceptible to theft and daytime burglary. Given that local businesses are open to any visitors, the risk is undoubtedly high. Many such burglars carry weapons too. Therefore, with a visible camera both external and internal in place can make burglars or thieves avoid the particular store. 

If this is the case, please ensure you install surveillance cameras at places where it is visible to everyone.

Avert office place sexual harassment

Office place sexual harassment has come to be a common issue these days. A camera in place can either avert the person to act upon his/her wrong intentions or the recorded version can be used as evidence in the court of law. 

Settle internal disputes

Often miscommunication can lead to numerous internal disputes in an office. A surveillance camera wifi enabled system can help you record, watch later, and play the recordings for the parties involved to solve a dispute. 

Keep an eye on high-risk areas

As a business owner or an employer, you need to be aware of the high-risk areas in your office space. The cashier’s desk, the staff’s lift, or a corner corridor, such places can be used to conduct unscrupulous activities. Therefore, you should install surveillance camera in such areas and monitor them regularly. 

Criminal evidence

A surveillance camera Wifi can record the footage in real time and help you to manage the same in real time. Additionally, all top security cameras have built-in storage to store the recordings for at least 7-10 days. In case of a criminal activity in your office place, these recordings will prove helpful when local law authorities get involved in the case. They will act as criminal evidence.

Impact on employee productivity

Security cameras are actually considered a form of negative motivation under business studies. It comes under the Controlling function of a business. When employees know they are being monitored, their focus on work increases. Hence, surveillance cameras also help in increasing employee productivity in a workplace.

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