The topmost successful children of soccer players in 2022

Cases of children following their parents’ footsteps are common all over. You will read about the children of a great business person also becoming successful in business. Likewise, athletes such as soccer players who have made a name in their professional careers have had their children taken after them. In this article, we will be looking at the topmost successful children of soccer players in 2022.

Messi, is the greatest footballer; will his children follow in their father’s footsteps? 

If we are talking about the most successful children of soccer players, Kate Richardson, an online sports pundit from says there is an unwritten rule that we should start with the top players: the kind that any betting enthusiast would wager on to score in any given match that he plays. Messi is one such player, any match that a betting tipster like Richardson is analyzing; one has to check the status of the player. Some of the questions that are asked to make the right predictions include:

  • Is the player on the starting list?
  • Has he had an injury in the recent past?
  • What is his current form, both emotionally and physically?

4 women playing soccer on green grass field during daytime

With these questions answered Richardson says that the chances of giving the right predictions and winnings at UK online bookmakers are high. Ask any sports betting pundit and he or she will tell you that this is crucial information in any wagering activity. Kate Richardson has been providing this kind of information. Her profile and some of the analyses that she has made can be accessed here. Back to Messi and children of soccer players, it will be interesting to know whether Thiago and Mateo will be great footballers in their heydays. 

Already Thiago is showing signs of becoming a successful player in the future. Now approaching ten years, Thiago was two years ago part of the Barcelona Football School where it became evident that he will soon be wearing his father’s boots and perhaps even become more successful. If you can recall, Messi's football career started around this age, working hard to become the best footballer in the world. I am sure that his children have learned the lessons and they will be applying the skills in their games.

Cristiano Ronaldo 

It seems that the rivalry between the world's greatest footballer will not end soon. Through their sons, it will now enter the second generation. Like Messi’s sons, Cristiano Ronaldo's sons are set for greatness. They have earned a place in the list of most successful children of soccer players in 2022. Cristiano Ronaldo's popularity on the pitch and also on social media may have propelled his kids to be among the top football players but the boys are also carving a name for themselves through their prowess in the games that they play. 

Cristiano Junior, who is now entering his teen years, has already starred for the Juventus youth side and has impressed with his goal return. When his father moved to join Manchester United, young Ronaldo joined the children of British professional soccer players who are already shining in their careers. Ronaldo junior signed at Manchester United academy where just like his father he will be donning jersey number seven. So far, he has played for the academy on several occasions. 

Like father, like son, for sure the younger Ronaldo is tipped to become one of the next stars, and who knows, he will accomplish what his father has not-beating Messi to become that player who has won the golden boot more times than any other in the history of the award. While responding to a question on the success of his son, Ronaldo Senior said he is happy with the progress but added that he will not pressure him in any way to enter the field instead he will leave him to curve his path in the world of football.

David Beckham children

When the question of who are the children with British professional soccer players at the start of games, the names of David Beckham's children will top the list. Known as the most popular British footballer, some also describe him as a complete man.

Having been married for eighteen years to pop singer, Victoria and together they have had three sons and a daughter, the former Manchester United player is a family man who has inspired many, in the sports arena as well as in other fields. Though not at the level of Messi and Ronaldos children, Beckham kids have also shown interest in the game and soon we will be hearing of their success in the field.

Other famous children of soccer players

Kaka’s, Neymar Luis Suarez, and Wayne Rooney’s children are also showing great interest in football and they may be described as the topmost successful children of soccer players in 2022. They have taken their fathers' boots well and who knows in the future we will be talking about second-generation players who have broken their parents’ records.

In the years to come, it will be interesting to follow how the young players are faring; they have already shown great skills. Their future is bright, their path in football is already curved, all that remains is to keep their eyes on the ball and strive to reach higher levels than their fathers.

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