15 Classic Sneakers to Help Start Your Collection

Do you consider yourself to be a true sneakerhead? If you do, then you've probably already got a bunch of classic sneakers in your sneaker collection.

But if you're just starting off on your journey towards becoming a sneakerhead, it might be a different story. You may not have enough classic sneakers in your collection just yet.

You should set out to change that ASAP by buying some of the best sneakers that have ever been released. You're welcome to invest in some new sneakers as well. But generally speaking, you'll need to buy sneakers that have been around for a while now to embrace the classics.

If you're ready to purchase sneakers to start a sneaker collection, we've got some great suggestions for you. Take a look at 15 classic sneakers that you should buy right now.

1. Nike Air Force 1

When you hear the words "classic sneakers," which sneakers come to mind first? If you're on your way to turning yourself into a sneakerhead, there is a pretty good chance that your brain conjures up thoughts of the Nike Air Force 1.

The original AF1 debuted way back in 1982 and enjoyed some success from the start. But no one could have imagined just how big the AF1 would become over time.

There have been thousands of different variations of the original white-on-white AF1 released. But it's the white-on-white AF1s that continue to hold strong as some of the best sneakers of all time.

If you don't have at least one pair of AF1 sneakers in your sneaker collection, you can't consider yourself a real sneakerhead in any form or fashion.

2. Nike Air Jordan 1

If we wanted to, we could probably list 15 Air Jordans on this list of classic sneakers and not skip a beat. There have been quite a few Air Jordans released over time that would fall into the "classic" category.

Air Jordans can be hard to come by, though, so when you're first getting your sneaker collection off the ground, you should start with the very first one that was ever released. The AJ1 continues to reign supreme as one of the best Air Jordans ever released and one of the most classic sneakers on the planet.

You're free to pick up whichever pair of Air Jordan 1s that you would like. At this point, they come in a wide range of colors, and Nike is always looking to put out new AJ1s at every turn.

3. Nike Air Jordan 3

Not satisfied with simply picking up a single pair of Air Jordans and leaving it at that? Then you should grab yourself a pair of AJ1s and start looking around for a pair of Air Jordan 3s.

As we just alluded to a moment ago, there are more than ten Air Jordans in total that would be considered must-haves by most sneakerheads. But you could make the argument that the AJ3 is one of the best, if not the best, Air Jordan ever released.

The Air Jordan 11 would be another one that you would want to consider adding to your sneaker collection. But you'll be pretty much all set as long as you have one pair of Jordan 1s and one pair of Jordan 3s in your closet.

4. New Balance 990

If you haven't noticed by now, Nike is responsible for creating a lot of different classic sneakers. The Swoosh has more classic sneakers than any other sneaker company out there.

But with that being said, you shouldn't sleep on some of the other sneaker companies that are in existence. New Balance, for instance, is a company that deserves a lot of props for consistently producing some of the best sneakers around.

The New Balance 990 is a fantastic example of this. We can promise you that it'll be one of the most comfortable sneakers that you ever put on your feet. Whether you plan on going for a run in these sneakers or wearing them out on the town, they're versatile enough to check all the boxes for you.

5. Reebok Classics

Of all the different classic sneakers on this list, Reebok Classics might be the simplest-looking ones. There is nothing flashy about them.

But that's not necessarily a bad thing! While Reebok has been a little hit-or-miss when it comes to creating classic sneakers over the years, the Classics have stood the test of time, in large part because of their simplicity. You can dress them up or down without a problem.

You can also find Reebok Classics in a cornucopia of different colors. Regardless of whether you want to get some basic white ones or something a little flashier, you'll have plenty of options to pick from.

6. Adidas Originals Superstar

Would these sneakers be considered classics if Run-DMC hadn't rapped about them back in the 1980s on their hit song, "My Adidas"? It's hard to say!

But Run-DMC did rap about them on the song, and as a result, Superstars started popping up everywhere. The rap group put them on the map so to speak and made sure that they would never go away.

Superstars might not be the sneakers that you want to wear every single day. But you will want to throw them on every now and then to show people that you know your history when it comes to classic sneakers.

7. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Your mom and dad and maybe even your grandparents likely wore Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars back in the day. This might initially make you think twice about putting a pair of them on your feet in 2022.

But much like the Adidas Originals Superstars that we just mentioned, Chuck Taylors have a certain staying power that isn't going to disappear anytime soon. They're some of the best sneakers ever produced by Converse, and they continue to be staples in the sneaker collections of so many sneakerheads.

8. Vans Old Skool

Once upon a time, the only people who wore Vans Old Skools were those who enjoyed going skateboarding. But these days, Vans have turned into great options for those in search of casual shoes that they can wear all over town.

You might get asked whether or not you skateboard when you have a pair of Vans Old Skools on. But thanks to their classic design, people aren't going to blame you if you say that you're just wearing them because of the way that they look.

9. Nike Dunk

Similar to Vans Old Skools, Nike Dunks were once considered to be little more than skateboarding shoes. But over the last year or two, the demand for Dunks has risen rapidly as people have come around to accepting them as everyday shoes.

Part of the appeal of Nike Dunks is that they look similar to Air Jordan 1s without the high price tags on them. They also come in any number of colors just like the AJ1s and Air Force 1s do.

You might get called a hypebeast if you're just picking up your first pair of Dunks in 2022. But you should ignore the haters and focus on appreciating the timeless design of the Dunk by picking up a few pairs of them.

10. Nike Air Max 1

We promise that this will be the last pair of classic Nike sneakers that we feature on this list. But we couldn't create a list of classic sneakers without giving the Air Max 1 its time to shine!

You could make the argument that other Air Max sneakers, like the Air Max 95, are even better than the original Air Max 1. But this sneaker is the reason why the Air Max exists and why there is now an official Air Max Day every March.

Our suggestion would be to look through all the different Air Maxes that you can find and start buying them up in bunches. They aren't ever going to go out of style on you.

11. ASICS Gel-1130

You didn't expect to see a pair of ASICS sneakers on this list, did you? Chances are, you didn't, as most people don't associate ASICS with classic sneakers.

But if you're someone who is interested in buying sneakers that you can run in, you can't go wrong with sneakers like the ASICS Gel-1130. They're super comfortable, very durable, and some of the best sneakers for those who intend to wear them to work out.

These ASICS sneakers are also underrated in terms of design. Even though they were created a long time ago, they still look ahead of the curve in 2022.

12. Adidas Originals Stan Smith

While Nike has the Air Force 1 and Reebok has the Classics, Adidas has the Stan Smiths. They're named after the tennis legend and have a timeless look that you won't get out of some other classic sneakers.

Over time, Adidas has done a handful of collaborations with different designers, athletes, etc. to put different spins on the Stan Smith sneaker. But the original Stan Smith with white leather and green accents continues to be our favorite.

13. Reebok Club C

If tennis sneakers are your thing, then you're in luck! We just touched on the Adidas Originals Stan Smith which is definitely a classic, and now we're going to talk about the Reebok Club C that has also earned a faithful following.

First released back in 1985, the Reebok Club C has supple leather on the outside and plenty of padding on the inside to make it one of the comfiest tennis shoes ever. It also has a very simple but tasteful design that isn't ever going to go out of style. 

14. Puma Suede Classic

Believe it or not, the Puma Suede Classic was once worn as a basketball sneaker. Even though it didn't offer up much in terms of support, that didn't stop people from playing hoops in these sneakers.

But in more recent years, the Suede Classic has transformed into a more casual shoe that people tend to put on when they're going out. Puma has also made it easier than ever before for people to customize their Suede Classics to fit their needs.

15. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2

If money is no object to you, you might want to see if you can scoop up a pair of Nike Air Yeezy sneakers, the original Yeezy sneakers that Kanye West designed for Nike in the late 2000s. They'll cost you thousands of dollars at this point, but they'll turn lots of heads when you wear them.

Nike Air Yeezys aren't going to be for everyone, though, so why not think about going with a pair of Adidas Yeezy Boosts instead? Kanye is riding with Adidas now, and he's putting out plenty of heat on a consistent basis.

Check out these Yeezy mens shoes to see what they bring to the table. It's clear that Kanye has a good grasp of what people want out of classic sneakers.

Add All These Classic Sneakers to Your Collection Today

As you've seen here, there is no shortage of classic sneakers in the world. And this is really just a small taste of what will be available to you!

You should try to add as many of these sneakers as you can to your sneaker collection. You should also set out to learn about some of the other classic sneakers that are out there so that you can go ahead and buy them, too.

Poke around on the rest of our blog to read more great articles about classic sneakers that should be in your sneaker collection.

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