One of the platforms that have the most users, mainly based on the interconnection of people from anywhere in the world, is Instagram.

After Facebook now Meta, Instagram has managed to position itself among its users, allowing them to interrelate with their celebrities from entertainment, sports, business, and investments, without the need to know them personally.

All these options that exist where thousands of users can be kept simultaneously are incredible. Still, add to this that one of the digital assets with the most significant potential is available through this platform. So your level will improve even more.

Since last year, the NFTs have shown that they are reaching an optimal level of positioning among Internet users and the various artists that exist in the world.

These CRYPTO-ASSETS allow the economy of visual art through technology to take an exciting path. In addition, it offers a new way of generating income for creators of traditional works.


What are NFTs and their social impact?

Nuts are digital assets that are usually auctioned, sold, or bought by the users of the cryptographic platforms that offer them to generate income and, in turn, recognize digital artists.

The most attractive feature of this crypto asset is that it cannot be replaced, much less stolen. When they are created, they usually issue ownership or ownership to the person who designs them.

Since last year, a wave of global adoption by many well-known personalities and entrepreneurs has contributed to these digital assets being known and used on a larger scale.

Its impact is focused on the fact that there will be a global platform that allows publishing and making known the works of art transformed into a digital format. Their creators can, in turn, generate profits from the operations generated between the parties.

Just as CRYPTOCURRENCIES are decentralized, NFTs maintain this quality, where only the seller and buyer will be in charge of establishing the sale rate without the need for intermediaries who want to benefit from the sacrifice of digital edges.


Everyone wants to be part of the NFTs.

Now it is Instagram's turn after months of waiting, the social network gets involved with digital assets, still, this time it is doing so by launching an advertising platform for creators of digital works of art.

Adam Mosseri, Director of Instagram, was in charge of announcing the news that not only creators but also those who enjoy creating their collections will be allowed to have the various proposals embodied in NFTs at their fingertips.

These popular NFTs will be published through the stories or profiles of each user, thus creating an exhibition of digital art throughout the world.

Social networks are the perfect complement for this technical proposal, where profitability takes a backseat because the main thing is to reach users.

Making these digital art pieces known is the primary goal, then the returns will be generated automatically.

Acquiring an NFT allows collectors to be part of a fraternity that, in one way or another, gives them the exclusivity of obtaining additional benefits for the acquisition of some digital asset.

Among some of the most basic functions that Instagram will offer for the promotion of NFTs is the link with a mobile wallet and the publication of digital works through the stories and profiles of the creators.

The artworks will be labeled to publicize the creator and the collector owner; it is essential to highlight that the NFTs are unique; there is no equal in the world.

A fascinating fact is that this advertising will be free since it will not generate any charge for publishing the NFTs on the platform.

The two main crypto bases that will merge with the Blockchain are the Ethereum smart contracts and the Polygon network.

With Instagram's step, other social networks like Meta also hope to be part of this new financial strategy.



Technology will take us down the road to the future; everything will depend on our attitude and willingness to invest and learn about these new platforms that provide multiple benefits to more than one user.

The impact of this new alliance can be seen in a couple of months since it is too early to indicate its success.


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