The Latest Blogging Trends That Are Everywhere in 2022

Did you know that there are over 6 million people blog on blogging sites? If you are looking to increase traffic for your small business, you might want to consider jumping on the blogging bandwagon.

Adding a blog to your website will help bring in more organic and targeted traffic. We have put together this short guide to share the blogging trends of 2022 that you want to make sure you add to your marketing efforts. 

Read on to learn more.

Estimated Reading Times

One major blogging trend is to add an estimated reading time with the number of minutes a reader should expect to spend on that blog post. This can help improve the engagement because you are setting up the expectations right from the gate. 

If a reader is in a hurry, and they know they only have a few minutes to spare, they might save your blog for later if the ETA is longer than the time they have. If it's shorter, they will stay on and read it right then and there. 

A great way to estimate the reading time for your blog post is to divide the total number of words in the article by either 200 or 250. Then take this number and round it up to the next minute. There are also plugins available in web hosting services that will estimate the reading time for you. 

Guest Posting

Another blogging trend that you do not want to miss out on is guest posting. This allows others to see you when they are visiting other sites, and it helps you become an authority figure in your niche. When search engines see that your site is mentioned on another site (that is reputable) your site will become more reputable in the eyes of the search engine. 

Mobile-First Format

This is a blogging trend that is here to stay because most people are using their phones to access the internet and read online. You need to make sure that your blog and your website is optimized to be read on mobile devices. 

If your blog post cuts off on the reader's screen, they are more likely to leave your site. Keep in mind that one sentence on a desktop screen or a laptop will more than likely look like a whole paragraph on a mobile device. This is why you want to break up your paragraphs into short sentences. 

Also, make sure that the on-page loading time is fast and use a mobile responsive web theme. Make sure that your content is easy to scan while someone scrolls the screen on their phone. 

Ready to Add These Blogging Trends to Your Business?

Now that you have learned the top blogging trends of 2022 you can pick and choose which ones you want to try for your own website. 

If our blog post helped you out, please continue browsing our business section for more tips and tricks. 

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