How to Best Manage UTI Treatment During Pregnancy

No matter when you contract a urinary tract infection, it is not pleasant. In fact, they can be quite painful! But if you get one while pregnant that discomfort and pain can be amplified. Your body goes through a lot creating a child during pregnancy. You might already feel different pains and have an overactive bladder during this time. Add a UTI and symptoms can feel severe.

Not only can symptoms feel exasperated, but you also have to be careful of what you put in your body. Different foods and medicines that normally help can actually be harmful to your unborn child. You also don’t want the infection to get worse and cause any potential issues. 

So, what can you do for relief? There are several treatment paths that are safe while pregnant. Keep reading for five tips for treatment and prevention.

1. Get a Consultation

You shouldn’t ignore a UTI, especially when you’re pregnant. Get a consultation to see if there are any UTI treatments that would work for you. You can even do this online in some cases by filling out a health assessment. If antibiotic medication is deemed necessary, these online treatments can be shipped to your closest pharmacy. 

This can be beneficial anytime, but when you’re pregnant, it can be a huge blessing. You don’t have to get out and about to get seen. You can do the consultation from the comfort of your home. 

2. Increase Your Liquid Intake

Make sure you’re drinking lots of water and fluids everyday. Dehydration could need to be treated with a medical provider, and you want to avoid getting to that point if possible. Not only is hydration important for your health and your baby’s, but it can help with UTIs. The more you drink, the more you have to urinate. This flushes your urinary tract, helps push out bacteria, and helps to prevent UTIs.

Keep in mind this doesn’t include water that’s in other foods or drinks. You need to add water in addition to that. It’s recommended that pregnant women drink 10 eight-ounce glasses of water a day to stay healthy and hydrated. If you have a hard time drinking this much water, try adding lots of ice. Another tip is adding a squeeze of lemon juice. Just be sure to avoid anything with too much sugar or caffeine because that could cause a few issues.

3. Don’t Hold It

After all that added liquid, it’s probably not even possible to hold it. Plus you have the pressure of your baby pushing on your bladder. But just in case, don’t hold it! When you have to urinate, go to the restroom. The longer you hold off going, more bacteria can grow within your bladder. 

Not only can it grow in the bladder, but it can also multiply within your whole urinary tract system. Clear out and flush your system as much as you need to. This can help alleviate your UTI symptoms and rid the infection. Going to the bathroom frequently can also prevent future issues.

4. Try Supplements

Some supplements like probiotics and vitamin C can do wonders for UTIs. Probiotics promote the growth of healthy bacteria. And having good bacteria can help defend against harmful bacteria that can cause UTIs. You can take supplements for this or find it in fermented foods. Think kimchi, cheese, or yogurt. 

Vitamin C can help strengthen your immune system. It also increases the acidity of your urine, which can help kill bad bacteria. You can take a supplement vitamin to increase your levels. Naturally, vitamin C can be found in fruits and vegetables. Cranberry juice is a great addition to your UTI treatment as well because of its vitamin levels. However, remember to opt for the unsweetened variety.

5. Switch Up Your Undies

Finding ways to limit or eliminate the growth of bacteria is key for prevention and treatment of UTIs. Bacteria thrives in warm and moist areas. Make sure to change your underwear often to help keep that area clean and dry. Switching to cotton undies can be helpful. Skip the lace and silky materials that can be irritating and trap moisture. Thongs are also not the best option because they can transfer bacteria.

At night, skip wearing underwear all together. Allow the area to breathe. This can be nice after your shower to keep things clean and dry. To that end, don’t use scented or harsh soap around your gential area and avoid douches. This can change your pH and increase infection risks.

The best way to manage UTIs while pregnant is prevention. Following the tips above can help lessen the occurrence of infection. If you contract a UTI and have painful and burning systems, don’t ignore it. Seek health advice to see if medication is needed. Infections can be harmful to you and a baby if left untreated. 

If you have any doubts if a treatment option is safe, seek medical advice. There are different options that might work for those who aren’t pregnant but could be harmful to an unborn child. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with an UTI while pregnant. If you do, hopefully these tips can give you relief.

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