Best Football Betting Sites for 2022

The most watched sport in the US is football, according to viewership. The 2021 NFL season received an average of 17.1 million views illustrated. Football is a famous sport worldwide and, to be honest, you can win a bet on it at

You might not know how to wager on football online if you're new to sports betting. That is typical! This post will guide you to place online football bets quickly and easily. Your selected sportsbook should be one of your initial considerations. You want to ensure that you place your bets at the top football betting sites, whether you are wagering on the NFL, college football, Canadian football, or any other football league. You can discover a list of the top football betting sites that are reliable, secure, and safe below.

The Basics of Football

Do you teach someone complex plays when they first learn to play football, or do you start with specific sports skills like sprinting, throwing, hand-eye coordination, etc.? As long as you are a decent coach who genuinely wants to see results, you should start with the fundamentals of sports.

When participating in the action, you must first master the fundamentals of sports betting in general. If you're new to this, you should read these two guides. Make sure you pay attention and don't make a mistake with this one because everything in these tips applies well to betting on football.

After reading and comprehending those instructions, you should look at our wager football guide. It is a fantastic read that will make you an expert in learning how to bet on football because it is full of links, supplementary guidelines, resources, and more. After reading everything, you'll be more than prepared to develop your plan and start winning big.

The Top Online Football Betting Sites

You may bet on football at several different online bookmakers. The top football online sportsbooks will provide gamers with many incentives, a wide selection of markets, and, most importantly, prompt payments. The great thing is that we have already completed all of your work! You may bet on football online at the finest sites listed below.


Bovada has some fantastic football betting specials and lines. Bovada has sharply increased in popularity recently and is included on our list of the top football betting sites. In the US market, Bovada has always been a very well-liked website. However, they have essentially turned into "America's online sportsbook" due to the expansion of their poker room and the absence of trustworthy alternatives in the US market.


BetUS has excellent promos and a very user-friendly website. It has developed as a top choice for sports bettors in the US. Players have given their new management staff and software nothing but positive evaluations. They also feature one of the leading live dealer online casinos.


BetOnline has a solid reputation and offers excellent customer service. BetOnline has advanced more than any other online gambling business and has become the best choice for sports bettors in the US. Their executive team has more than 16 years of experience.


Football betting incentives and deals abound at OKBET. The online football betting site OKBET sportsbook offers a wide range of markets and is part of the offshore betting industry. If they take advantage of all bonus possibilities given by OKBET, gamers may get thousands of dollars in free play.


Everygame has a spotless history in the world of sports betting. They have been online since 1996, and their website has improved. The most fantastic sport to gamble on at Everygame is undoubtedly football. Throughout the season, they offer several football-related promotions. Additionally, they are transparent in how they provide betting markets and odds. A terrific sportsbook to begin your betting career is Everygame.

Popular Football Leagues to Bet On If you've never bet on football before or this is your first time visiting a betting website, you might not be aware of all the many ways you can wager on football. The most well-known football leagues in the globe are listed below, where you may bet on games at the football betting sites we've suggested on this page.

  • NFL
  • NCAA
  • CFL
  • XFL

How to Choose a Bookmaker?

Before you can begin reaping the benefits of all your winning football wagers, you must pick the best sportsbook! Several sites are competing for your attention when placing bets on football games online. Here is a quick method to choosing a bookmaker and signing up with them:

1. Recognize trustworthy betting sites

There are two less reputable sportsbooks for every respectable one that accepts betting on football. By examining their website design or digging up their credentials, you may quickly identify which websites are fake.

2. Profit from football bonuses

Football betting is significant, and practically every reputable sportsbook will provide bettors with special incentives. For instance, when you utilize BetOnline and Bovada to place football bets, you may take advantage of some sizable deposit bonuses.

Claiming a football bonus may make the most of your sportsbook. What could be better than receiving free money, mainly when you can utilize it to increase your winnings on your preferred NFL or NCAAF teams?

3. Determine which bet is best

You may wager on football in various ways, whether it's NFL, XFL, or NCAAF. If you're new to football betting, go with a relatively safe wager. The standard athletic wager, known as a moneyline, involves betting on either one team or the other. We advise choosing the side you believe will win after examining the contest.

Prop wagers are also well-liked among novice football gamblers. They add excitement to the game by allowing bettors to wager on various things, including player performance, winning margin, longest field goal, the first team to score, and much more. While slightly riskier than moneyline wagers.

4. Understand how football payout

If you have never placed a wager on any sport, including football, you may be curious about how payments operate. How are the wins determined?

Before placing a wager, there are a few different techniques to determine your potential earnings. Using an odds calculator is the most straightforward technique to select a payment. You've already done all the math!

5. Getting your winnings

Football is among the most lucrative sports to wager on due to its immense popularity. Because it's the most popular sport in the country, you can always find football-specific bonuses in most sportsbooks.

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