NEET UG exam( National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) previously known as AIPMT ( All India Pre Medical Test) is conducted by NTA ( National Testing Agency) every year in pen and paper format. NTA also conducts the other competitive exams across the country such as JEE mains, CMAT, GPAT, and NET exams. As of 2021 NEET is held only once a year for the MBBS, BDS, and other courses in AIIMS, JIPMER, and other MBBS colleges all over the country. There are plans of the governing body to take the exam multiple times in a year from the next academic year ( i.e. for NEET 2022). NEET exam is known to test the overall capability of a student to apply the knowledge he/she has.

NEET UG exam is based on the syllabus of class 11th and class 12th of the science stream. The subjects asked in the exams are:-

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. 1. Botany
  1. 2. Zoology

The third section of biology is divided into 2 sub-sections namely botany and zoology.

The curriculum for these three subjects is the same as the CBSE ( Central Board for Secondary Education). For the most reliable references people study NCERT books for the basics. Furthermore, details on the exams are there on the official websites of NTA and NEET. NEET UG is of 3 hrs with 45 (50) questions of each physics and chemistry and 90(100) questions of biology. 

  • NEET is more of a mixture of hard work and smart work rather than doing only hard work.
  • NEET is all about the student's dedication.
  • The core understanding of the subjects is very important for the NEET exam.
  • Understanding the trends of the questions asked in the previous years' tests is important.

 Here are some simple and not so spoken ways one can implement for getting good marks in the NTA NEET UG exam


  • One should study actively, steps can be to read the text once say it loud, make use of flashcards for factual information given in the NCERT textbooks and make handwritten notes for easy recall when doing revision.
  • One should take some time to revise the topics.
  • Making flashcards is advisable when the aspirants have issues with recalling certain concepts or formulas.


  • This is a very nice method used by most of the toppers when asked in interviews.
  • Focus is that muscle that every student needs to build, this method builds more focus, NEET aspirants should study for 50 minutes and then take a break for 10 minutes.
  • In this 10 min the Students should try to go for doing the activities (drawing, singing, dancing and other hobbies) which helps to replenish them their energy levels.


  • Writing mock tests are very important for the aspirants because it gives the exam types surrounding which are essential for the final exams.
  • The NEET aspirants should solve the NTA NEET Mock Tests which are very beneficial for the betterment of the performance of the students. The mock tests are of great importance while studying the NEET UG exam and the mock tests help to self-evaluate and increase the marks of the students.
  • NTA NEET's previous year's tests are accessible on the official NTA website.
  • It's very important that the aspirants solve tests in an exam-like atmosphere. 


  • After each and every mock test, be it of any coaching classes or by NTA or if one solves past year papers as a test, students should make a note of all the questions which they marked incorrectly and also the questions that were left by them.
  • These questions and the doubts must be regularly solved so as to minimize the mistake and maximize the extent of more marks.


  • The students should always keep a record of whatever they are studying and where exactly they are lacking.
  • The weaker areas should be strengthened by solving more and more MCQs from various sources such as MCQ books or previous year questions. 
  • Make sure to analyze the mistakes too and never repeating them in the upcoming mock tests. 


  • The students should plan out the study patterns and the study strategies once they get the tentative dates for the final examination.
  • Time management is a crucial factor in improving the ranks of the students. It's very important that the students use their time wisely and work harder in the final countdown.
  • Remember to cut off the time using gadgets and say a no to every distraction which restricts the students from studying for their examination.


  • It's very important that the NEET aspirants fuel up their minds.
  • Because of the vast portion, the students tend to get tired more frequently, students should try to switch in between the subjects so that they can get a grip over all the three subjects and also not get bored because of studying only one subject.

Here are some other tips for studying ( Subject - wise)


  • The NEET aspirants always have a weaker hand in physics, the students can easily cope up with the fear of physics in the examination
  • The students should practice all the graphs given in the NCERT textbook of the Physics of class 11 and class 12.
  • The students should learn all the formulas and practice every possible application based on a formula.
  • The NCERT text back questions should be solved regularly for gaining confidence in the subject.


  • Students should read NCERT textbooks for all the chapters and learn and practice all the structures of organic and inorganic chemistry.
  • The reactions of organic and inorganic chemistry should be written and practiced thoroughly.
  • The formulas of physical chemistry should be written in a list format and revised once fortnightly.


  • Biology is generally the favourite subject of each and every NEET aspirant, the subject should be learned by keeping all the factual data and integrating it with the application of the knowledge.
  • The MCQ practice for biology is very necessary.
  • The students should try to make flow charts and tabular columns to extended memory of the subject. 


Competitive exams such as NEET-UG are exams that are meant for the selection of the best aspirants out of every applicant. The aspirants have to work really hard for polishing their knowledge and keep minimizing their mistakes for the best possible marks and rank from an individual.

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