Equipment That Must Be In Your Garage

Besides being the place where you keep your motorbike, bicycle, and kayak, the garage is also where you conduct the repairs of these items and keep all your maintenance tools. Therefore, your garage should be a safe and productive environment with proper lighting, accurate electrical fitting, various plug-in stations, and a fire extinguisher.

Garage Essentials

Whether you’re building a new garage or you want to elevate what you have, here is some equipment to consider.

Stable Work Bench

A strong workbench is a must-have for assembling and disassembling parts that you may be working on. Go for one at the waist level to avoid unnecessary bending that may cause or worsen back problems. Depending on your preference, there are different varieties, such as hardwood and steel benches. You can also choose from built-in or portable ones.

All-Inclusive Tool Kit

To enhance efficiency in your garage, ensure that you have the basic tools, including pliers, magnetized screwdrivers, and various types of wrenches. Other items include wire cutters, hammers, zip ties, duct tape, measuring tape, spanner, and electrical tape. You should always purchase tools that are high quality for longevity and safety. Developing the perfect tool kit may take time, but you’ll eventually get there.

Quality Car Care Products

To keep your car clean and in top shape, you’ll need a wheel cleaner, car shampoo, and interior cleaner in your garage. Other items include synthetic wax for fixing minor scratches and preventing further scratches, spray detailer, grease, and dry lubricants. To avoid risks of fire caused by grease build-up, an engine degreaser is also critical. Do your due diligence on the purpose of each, as using the wrong products may damage your vehicle.

Reliable Air Compressor

This is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment to have. It comes in handy when inflating your car tires and blowing dust out of your engine bay. A good air compressor is also key in powering equipment for spray painting and air impact wrenches.

Power Tools

Some tasks cannot be done manually or would be too energy and time-consuming to do with your bare hands. Power tools such as drills, angle grinders, impact grinders, and reciprocating saws come in handy. You may underestimate the requirements for a particular appliance, but you best believe a need always arises when you least expect it.

Proper and Adequate Storage

Working in a space full of clutter or dirt increases the risk of accidents and makes it difficult to access items. That is why adequate and appropriate storage is a must. You should invest in proper bike storage such as the Parkis vertical bicycle lift to increase floor space. Other storage options include having a tool chest, wall-mounted hooks, cabinets, under-the-table drawers, and pegboards. Also, consider installing hoists for storing your kayaks and canoes if you own any.

Jacks, Jack Stands, and Wheel Chocks

When you own a car, you’ll inevitably need to jack it up to change tires or for other maintenance. This makes a reliable carjack a vital tool. When buying one, ensure it has a heavyweight rating and high lift. Additionally, a jack stand is essential to provide a fixed and safe support when the car is elevated. Equally important are wheel chocks, which help avoid accidental movement of your vehicle when propped up.

Final Thoughts

Having all the proper equipment may not be helpful if you don’t know how to use them. Ensure you learn how to use each item for your safety correctly. Moreover, it will ensure a longer lifespan for each tool. It is best to consider temperature regulation and ways to avoid spillage on the floors. A good quality garage door is also necessary to protect your vehicle and other equipment.

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