Four Things to remember while checking your credit score

One of the first variables examined by lenders in receipt of an application for any kind of loan is the credit score or CIBIL score. Online free CIBIL check can be done by different credit offices using a proprietary algorithm, but the key factors in the score structure are the individual's lending and credit card payback behavior.

Your chances of easy credit acceptance are increased with a high credit score range. The article states that the CIBIL score calculation includes four criteria linked to the borrower's credit behavior. The following are:

Credit history: In calculating the CIBIL score, the biggest relevance is your previous credit repayment record or your credit history. The methodology for determining your CIBIL score online weighs around 30% of your prior credit track record. All banks and NBFCs regularly disclose each borrower's payment record to CIBIL. The credit office collects information and uses it for the calculation of scores. The data collected is a monthly record of your payments to your bills and EMIs, the last 3 years, that collects early payment, late payments, settled and deleted amounts.

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Credit usage: The level of credit you use to determine your current outstanding loan obligations, divided by your available limit is the credit usage. A high and increasing credit usage ratio may hurt your percentage because it means you have an increased credit load and monthly debt. Your CIBIL score calculation has a credit usage ratio of 25 percent.

Credit mix: Your loan portfolio composition also influences your credit score range about the percentage of secured and unsecured loans. In your entire portfolio, a higher proportion of unbacked loans harms your credit score. In your calculation of the score, Credit Mix is assessed to be 25 percent weighted.

Additional elements: The amount of credit applications you have filed over a previous couple of months also affects your CIBIL score in addition to the previous three criteria. If you have repeated requests for the loan denied in the recent past in your CIBIL report, a lower credit score will be shown. Banks are also not inclined to lend to the lenders that other banks dismissed. The weight of these additional elements in your CIBIL score is expected to be up to 20%. Therefore, following a comprehensive investigation and comparison of credit programs for every bank in India following a CIBIL score check, it is vitally necessary to apply to choose banks. Get free CIBIL check online by using your PAN number.

No matter where you fall on the scale, keep in mind that various things may both harm and help you improve your credit score.

Above all, it's critical to manage your credit properly. Strong credit history and credit score might be the difference between buying a house, a car and paying for education. Maintaining a proactive credit report is an excellent method to stay in charge of your money and, eventually, achieve your objectives.

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